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Default Re: eved pokemon and shinies r here

Originally Posted by Leman View Post
Almost all of 'em ay?

Do you have a Timid/Modest Latias, Modest Kyogre, Brave Groudon, Quiet Ho-oh, Bold Lugia, Bold Giratina, Timid/Modest Latios, Timid Mewtwo, Modest Mew, Modest Manaphy, Bold/Relaxed Celebi, Bold Shaymin, Timid Darkrai, Bold Cresselia, Bold Articuno, Timid Zapdos, Modest Moltres, Adamant/Jolly/Timid/Modest Deoxys, Bold/Timid Jirachi, Jolly/Timid Rayquaza, Modest Heatran, Bold Regice, Impish Registeel/Regirock, Bold Suicun, Timid Raikou, Naughty Entei, Modest Mespirit, Adamant Regigigas, or any Aruceus. All untouched. They don't have to be shiny.
i dont have all the natrures but i am just about to get the modest manaphy and i have the brave groudon i just would have to check the others
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