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Default Need Pokemon with good IVS

im looking for
Modest Staru/ Starmie with good ivs in speed and sp attack
Modest Gastly with good ivs in speed and sp attack
Jolly Sneasel/Weavile with good ivs in attack and speed
Impish Skarmory with good ivs in def and HP
Timid Abra with good ivs in sp attack and speed
adament elekid with cross chop and ice punch with good atk, and spd ivs
and any other pokemon with good ivs

here what i have to offer
Mew lv37 Hardy
Mewtwo lv73 Jolly
Shiny Heatran lv70 Calm
Shiny Uxie lv 50 Jolly
Shiny Dialga lv47 Jolly
Shiny Creselia lv 50 Timid
Shiny Shaymin lv30 brave
4 regis

All of these are shiny
Golem lv32 Rash
Snover lv35 Jolly
Zubat lv10 docile
Chingling lv13 modest
Stantler lv52 brave
Misdreavus lv10 adamant
Clefairy lv38 hasty
Machoke lv35 naive
Delibird lv32 modest
Vileplume lv23 naughty
Abra lv5 relaxed
Psyduck lv21 hardy
Crobat lv23 gentle
Wingull lv20 hardy
Larvitar lv11 lax
Jolteon lv17 sassy
Vaporeon lv17 careful
Shellos lv28 naughty
Skuntank lv30 hardy
Marill lv 23 rash
Lopunny lv21 lonely
Eevee lv16 hasty
Glaceon lv17 modest
Leafeon lv17 sassy
Azurill lv18 mild
Shinx lv3 modest
Budew lv4 gentle
Ariados lv52 lax
Scyther lv52 brave
Meditite lv13 calm
Flareon lv17 calm
Roselia lv17 careful

Ev trained pokemon
Starmie (can only trade for another Starmie with good ivs, does not need to me ev trained)
Milotic (R)
Metagross over 400 attack!! (R)

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