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Default Re: The Pokemon Passion

5 years ago, I had come across Pokemon and never thought once that I would still be liking it to even today. I knew nothing about it, only that it had been popular in Japan and that was about it. I knew there were a few things in Japan that had become popular here, but I never thought this would be one of them.

When my brother convinced me to buy the game, I liked the idea of using a creature to battle rather than using a weapon or something like that, it was a whole new aspect that I had never seen used before. Before long, I was able to make favorites, and Pokemon ended up being one of my favorite Gameboy games. When Gold and Silver came up, I got Gold and my brother got Silver, and those were even better than the last ones. Gold had gone beyond all my expectations, and ended up being the best Gameboy game ever for me.

I used to get up early to watch the show, and now I try to see it in the afternoon, but sometimes I get busy and need to do something else. But every time I watch it, there's also something funny about it. It's a great show to watch, it's one of the best ones out there. It's one of the longest running shows on KidsWB, and they still haven't even come close to shutting it down. Hopefully they never do.

With Pokemon, the possibilites are endless. I hope to enjoy all of them.

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