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Default Re: Trading shinies for Egg move pokemon{male only} & event pokemon

Originally Posted by buttmunch69 View Post

i have these egg move pokes:

clamperl- clamp, water gun, whirlpool, iron defense
tyrogue- tackle, helping hand, fake out, brick break
riolu- foresight, endure, return, drain punch
cacnea- poison sting, leer, payback
munchlax- metronome, odor sleuth, tackle, lick
spiritomb- pursuit, confuse ray, spite, shadow sneak
totodile- scratch, leer, thrash, crunch

i also have these but they only know one egg move-

cyndaquil- tackle, leer, flamethrower
dratini- wrap, leer, blizzard

u interested in any?
not really sorry, most of those aren't egg move pokemon, there just from two of the exact same pokemon being bred and passing down moves that would normally be learned later as they leveled up, or in the case of clamperl have no egg moves at all..

the totodile is interesting but lacks any STAB moves.
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