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Default Re: [WAT/TEAM RP III] (Neo) Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor

Originally Posted by Mxarcus View Post
Yo what up
Umm hi?

Originally Posted by Diesel 34 View Post
Don't post random things.

That sounds better. I could see Team Trainer Knights

Team Trainer Knights: Heroes of the Round Table. lol.
haha. I kind of like Team Trainer Knights. Has a nice ring to it. Let me think about it a bit more.

Originally Posted by Mxarcus View Post
What yull talkin about
Originally Posted by Mxarcus View Post
The pokemon i use is my black charizard ambipom smeargli shiny rhyperrior and infernape and Blaziken
Yeah. Don't Double Post here. I like a nice clean thread. Also is there anything you want? This thread is for the members of Team Trainer. I don't mind you posting here but please don't post anything that can count as SPAM. Stupid Pointless Answering Messaging.
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