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Default What makes a good team

Ok, i need some help. i like to think i know enough about the game to beat it, but i do not know anything realy about competive battling against other people.

I need to know what the basics are for making a great team. As is, ive gotten thru the entire game and never used a stat changing move, protection move or status move. Everything i do is just attack, and as such all i have are pokemon that are just tanks.

Also, ive never looked at pokemon natures, Evs or anything like that. Basicaly, im still playing the game like its the old GBC game.

I need 3 different teams of pokemon.

1. Battle Tower Team - 3 pokemon
2. 3 Pokemon Team for the Wii game/other people
3. 6 Pokemon Team for the Wii game/other people.

I understand how EVs work now, and natures are begining to make sense, but, i dont know much about exactly which pokemon is built to do which job, so if some people could list some pokemon and moves for them, justifying why they should be used, for what, and for what team, that would be great.

*Or, if there is actuay a similair thread i missed, or a place i can actualy look myself, please point me there*