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Default Re: What makes a good team

Originally Posted by porygon_rox View Post
first off, you need pokemon that can learn all the Important HM's. [for example: you can ditch flash and defog and just keep cut, strength, rock smash, ect.]

second off, you need a team with multiple types. like omastar or kabutops, they have two types: water and rock. plus, garydos is water and flying, magneton is steel and electic, ect.

third off, start training! Get your pokemon as close to level 70 as possible [ps- that's the hardest and most boring part] so you can at least STAND A CHANCE against battle tower, or against stronger people. [pps- WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T HAVE A 'STRONGEST' POKEMON!!! because if that pokemon faints, you're DEAD MEAT.]
That's wrong. Why would anyone want to use cut and rock smash? The only good TM is Surf.

You guys should look in the battleing stragies forum.