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Default Re: Release Figgy’s Lugia

OK! I'm gettin involvd! I'm gonna make this short b/c of my stupid comp!

Raik it's not about respect. It's about who won what. Just b/c figgy did the impossible doesn't really mean we must respect him. Neo won a contest and the rules state "Winner choses a legendary. If the legendary is taken, the ower releases it to the winner." It's been that way since the CLUB! I know, I was there. And u're one to talk about respect. Seein how u hardly show it. This isn't about respect at all! It's about one boy and his obesstion with Lugia.

And another thing! Figgy isn't a leader anymore. He used to be in the club, but not no more. So he couldn't ban anyone! So get that thought out of ur mind. And as a trainer, he needs to post ALL of his stats. There's no reason y he couldn't or shouldn't. there's no excuse.

Neo doesn't even have to give it back when Figgy comes back. Neo won it fair and square and there's nothing u can do about it. Face it Raik, no matter how much u argue, it's not gonna change the rules. The rule like i said, "Winner choses a legendary. If the legendary is taken, the ower releases it to the winner", is there for a reason. The reason being that there isn't too many legendaries out there. And just b/c Neo won a Writer Comp. doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it. He does and u don't like it. U think that a legendary should only be givin out for beatin the Elite 4. Well thre's a reason y they rn't. And that's b/c no one would ever win it. Well that's about to change b/c I see 2 risin trainers. And 1 aint u.

This debate is pointless. Reward Neo with Lugia and move on....
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