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Default The Legit Event *CLOSED for the Night*

Ok heres a list of my current events I have for trade and my prices
2 shinies = 1 event
ev trained shinies=1 event(depends on what it is)
there will be more to come as I now have over 1 full box of legitiment events but im only gonna list what I have on hand right now to trade. also dont try to trade me hacks I will black list you and put your name and fc in my sig. only legits!!!!!! DO NOT NEGIOTIATE WITH OTHER PPL IN MY THREAD FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RULE WILL GET YOU BLACKLISTED PM EACH OTHER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!all events legit unless otherwise stated

now onto what your all here for

10aniv blastoise untouched(1 in stock)
10aniv entei lvl 71(may be hacked)I have a legit untouched but i need to clone it
10aniv Alakazam untouched(2 in stock
10aniv Typhlosion untouched(2 in stock)
10anniv lugia untouched(0 in stock)
10aniv Blaziken untouched(3 in stock)
shinie ruby zigzagoone untouched(0 in stock)
shinie saphire zigzagoone untouched(1 in stock)
Movie Darkrai untouched(0)
Mystery mew untouched(1)
10aniv Umbreon untouched(2 in stock)
10aniv Espeon untouched(2 in stock)
10aniv dragonite lvl 100 (2 in stock)
tokyo fair manaphy untouched(1)
10aniv celebi untouched(0 in stock)
pokebox set swablu,skitty, and zigzagoon will only trade as a set but will take 3 shinies or 2 events(3 sets in stock!)
Palcity Lucario(ok noone knows which one is real mine is quick to flee and matches all stats listed here (3 in stock)
10th movie deoxys untouched(2 in stock)(both reserved)
festa magmar untouched with item(1 in stock)
festa electabuzz untouched with item(1 in stock)
sunday woodbuffet untouched(1 in stock)

coming soon list(aka stuff I havent cloned yet)
rocks metang untouched
channel jurachi untouched
semi-legit shaymen(considered legit when event comes out I belive)
10 aniv t-tar lvl 100
10 aniv entei untouched
10 aniv latias untouched
space c deoxys slightly touched but still lvl 70
mattle ho-oh untouched
ranger manaphy untouched
wishmaker jirachi lvl9
Palcity mew untouched(may be hacked noone is sure of palcity's yet)
ageto celebi untouched
Palcity manaphy untouched(may be hacked noone is sure of palcity's yet)
concert chatot untouched
shiny mystery mew untouched
PCNYc crawdaunt untouched
Palcity manaphy untouched
PokePark meowth untouched
10 aniv articuno untouched
10 aniv zapdos untouched
10 aniv bulbasaur untouched
10 aniv moltres untouched
10 aniv Raikou untouched
10 aniv latios untouched

Thanks for stoppin by The Legit Event and have a nice day

SPECIAL BONUS!!!!!! the 1st person to bring me an untouched legit 10aniv(american) that I dont have on my in stock OR coming soon list will get the event they wanna trade for and 1 more event from my in stock list for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lookin for the legit event?
This guy is a scammer and should never be trusted
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