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Me: Well, to put it short I’m like the talented rookie with the writing ability that could give you the impression you’re reading a novel. Unlike most people here, I haven’t been writing since I was little. All I’ve really had is not many friends and little else to do. In fact, I don’t particularly like to read. I generally started after I read a book I liked, back when I was twelve. And I basically improved from there. As of now, I’ve probably been writing for about a year and three to four months, which means I’m thirteen as of the moment. No, my English teacher doesn’t tell me how I’d be the next Christopher Paolini and all that other baloney. I’m not in special-ed or anything and I’m just heading in eighth grade…I don’t really do my homework, so my grades aren’t off the charts.
Though the thing that has always gotten to me is that people really skip over my writing because I can actually write. I guess people would rather another script-form comedy. The only people who generally read my writing are adults seeing as they’re the only ones who particularly like to see how I’ve improved and such. Well enough of me. Oh, my other name’s Ramzam for people who know me from other places.

I’ve yet to write anything under this particular name, so this is actually the first.

Title: The Shadow of Guarr
Rating: Floating somewhere between PG and PG-13...
Genre: Mostly adventure, a little drama if that’s what you call it.
Status: Once again on hold, for the time being.
Basic Plot: Lunick, a newly evolved Lucario must deal with being ruthlessly hunted by a cunning Typhlosion, while at the same time, being the guardian of a young girl. Though what could be so important that anyone would be going after Lunick to such great lengths?
“Hey,” said a quiet voice, muffled by layers of cloth, “You cold? I have a spare coat…” I could sense the nervousness radiating from the creature. I guess you could consider a Lucario dangerous if you looked at it in the right perspective. Not mention I had that feral grunge going on, so I figured it must’ve made me seem pretty dangerous.

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