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Default Re: Release Figgy’s Lugia

Originally Posted by boltAge
So, Bush is president now, do people stop debating whether Kerry or him is better immediately? Nah, get a life. This doesn't need a lock, in fact, Jack hasn't addressed any of my points... I'm either waiting or something.
Funny, last time I recall, I don’t remember reading in the rules that a URPG Appellate Court existed, Raik.

Honestly, I don’t see any need to keep this open either when Jack’s already made his decision. In fact, it’s probably better off closed so you can finally stop telling others to “get a life” and continuing these needless arguments. I’m sure Jack’s already read everyone’s posts, including yours. Taking the time out to personally address every single one of them would take a needlessly extreme amount of time.

Since I’m not a URPG official, I’m not supposed to lock it, but I’m sure Jack would agree it’s meaningless to keep this open.