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Default Chapter 5

Another seven pages although I'm not quite as satisfied with this one than Chapter 4. Kind of a filler, hope you enjoy it!


Chapter 5

Something bright, something warm and bright was hitting her face. She tried to turn her head but found she couldn’t move it. She tried to raise a hand to shield her eyes but found her arm was also paralyzed. Beneath her, she could feel something cushioning her body, scratching her back with sharp ends. This wasn’t her bed, not even close. The floor didn’t even feel like the carpet in her room. Panic was now rising in Sen’s throat at these unexplained things.

Where am I? Why can’t I move?

Her breathing changed from its slow rhythm to a fast, frantic pace. The girl struggled to open her eyes, to move her fingers, anything but she could do nothing but lie there in darkness, trembling in fear. Someone shook her and called to her, telling Sen to open her eyes. The voice sounded like they were on the verge of a breakdown, like a bridge ready to crumble under a great weight. Sen didn’t recognize the voice but something in it strung the strings in her heart. Whoever it was, they were concern for her well being. In one giant effort, her eyes flew open yet she immediately regretted it when sunlight flooded her sight. The person beside her couldn’t be happier, though and wrapped herself around the blinded Sen.

“You’re awake, I was so worried!”

Bracing herself for the bright view, Sen opened her eyes and looked down at who was hugging her. The sight she got was one that she wasn’t prepare for. A giant Pikachu was nearly on top of her and crying into her chest in happiness. Paws were placed in a tight hug as though Sen would disappear if she loosened her grip.

“Sen, you fainted and I...”


Sen sat up and scrambled back in terror, making the rodent tumble ungracefully to the dirt ground. Her head moved from side to find out where she was. Grass inches taller than her surrounded them from all sides like walls trying to keep them from the outside world. The sky above them was a clear china blue with only a few wisps of clouds that still carried the faint orange traces of sunup. All was eerily quiet, making Sen feel even more out of place in this giant world. The Pikachu stood up with a hurt look in her furry face, paws clenched close to her.

“Sen, it’s me,” she spoke quietly as though anything louder would frighten the ten year old further. “Alice.”

Sen shook her head furiously with closed eyes. This wasn’t happening,, it was nothing but a dream, she was sure of it!

Where am I? Why is everything so huge? How can that Pikachu talk?!

Crunching grass made her reopen her eyes. The pokemon was coming closer to her, paws outstretched in some kind of pleading gesture. With terror filled eyes, Sen stumbled into a standing stance and backed away. For some reason, she lost her balance and landed on her back, making an indent in the wall of grass. Sen put her hands in front of her in an attempt to protect herself, her eyes shut tight.

“Stay away! Stay away!”

Her arms were seized which only made her struggle and cry out for help. She had no idea what was happening, no clue as to what caused this whole mess. She was alone with no one to help her, Sen was alone with a pokemon that could potentially kill her if it so wanted.

“Sen, calm down! It’s me, Alice, you’re a pokemon!” The voice was still gentle and low, making it easy to be drowned out by Sen’s yells.

“Get away! Let me go!”

Seeing that her approach wasn’t working, the Pikachu took a different tactic.

“Sen! Look at me!”

Startled witless by the sudden sharpness of the voice, Sen directed her gaze to the yellow face in front of hers. Her body went limp at the intensity of the dark eyes, the stare holding her in place.

“Sen, I’m Alice,” she spoke, her tone border lining pleading. “Alice, the same Pikachu that was there when in your room after the party. The same Pikachu that you ran away with. The same Pikachu that was always there for you.”

Sen looked up at the sensitivity of the words, the eyes now softened. She realized they were the same eyes that she had grown accustomed to every time she needed someone to talk to. Always there to listen and comfort, just how they were doing right now. With a warm smile, they were slowly relaxing her into a calmer state.


Alice broke into a face splitting smile and nearly jumped onto her for another hug. Sen let a silly grin take place on her face until something dawned upon her.

“Alice, why can I understand you?”

A grave expression washed over her so suddenly that Sen felt the hair on the back of neck stand up at what was about to come. Alice once again held her hands and met her eyes, the sparkled from before completely gone.

“I think you should look at yourself, Sen.”

If it would have come out differently, she would have laughed at the simple request. The words, however were laced with grief and sadness. Ever so slowly, Sen looked down at herself, holding back the scream that was bubbling in her throat at the first signs that something had happened to her. Every part of her body was covered in soft yellow fur, the whole thing feeling like a coat that could not be taken off, stretching from her newly formed hind paws to the long ears that now twitched on top of her skull. Seeing that Sen was in complete shock instead of a raging tantrum, she let go of her arms. Shakily, Sen stood up, feeling the short muzzle on her face with one paw and the thunderbolt shaped tail with the other. With a sinking heart, she confirmed they were real, as real as they were on Alice. She was a Pikachu, not a human but a pokemon.

I’m a Pikachu, a Pikachu just like Alice. A tail, fur, the whole nine yards.

Alice came closer when Sen didn’t speak or yell, certain that she would have done one or the other sooner. She was just staring at the ground with an almost glazed look upon her.

Cautiously, she asked, “Sen, are you alright?”

The electric pokemon was surprised when Sen let out a chuckle accompanied with a grin.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I? I’m a pokemon, just like you.”

The smile fell, her knees buckled beneath her, and she fell into Alice’s arms. Stumbling but regaining her footing, Alice set Sen back down on the grass bed she had made for her when she had fainted hours ago.

Actually, she looks like she’s about to faint again. Alice nervously noted.

“How did this happen...?” Sen asked between hyperventilated gasps, clutching her head so that the world around her would cease its constant spinning.

Everything just felt so foreign at the moment. When she would cover her eyes, she would feel both the fur on her paws and on her face. Any rustle of the jade grass that was caused by the light breeze would cause her ears to perk up, the sensation alien to her human mind. If a flower even swayed her sensitive nose would automatically pick up the aroma. It was more than enough to make her stomach turn.

I’m not suppose to feel these things, I’m a human!

She was suppose to feel five fingers running through her hair, none of them with small little claws. Instead of a fur coat, she had to have clothes on her back that could be taken off. On top of all that, she was probably speaking like a Pikachu instead of in English.

“Excuse me?”

Alice and Sen simultaneously let out a high pitched scream at the voice, the latter jumping to her feet. Their eyes frantically scanned their surroundings for any sign of the person who might have spoken. Nothing but the whistle of wind through grass answered them. A chill spread over them as their gazes met. Had they imagined it?

But we both heard it, Sen argued, feeling her pulse quicken. It had to be real...

The images of ghosts and ghouls crossed her mind but she pushed them aside. They were in broad daylight. No spooks would dare attack them. Somehow, Sen wasn’t so sure.

A bright light suddenly invaded their sight, the source mere inches above their heads. Stepping back and covering their eyes, they were numb with both fear and surprise as they saw the light reveal a floating shape. The figure immediately shone with a godly aurora with his head shaped into half a star with two, long flowing tendrils behind him in the same honey yellow color. He descended his light gray body so that his marked eyes were leveled with theirs, a jubilant shimmer greeting both mice from within them.

“Wh...who are you?” was Alice’s shaky question.

The unknown pokemon gave a sheepish grin and lowered himself fully to the ground.

“I’m sorry for frightening you,” he began to apologize. His voice was one of a child’s, carefree and full of joy. Yet his actions and words were of wisdom, smooth and to the point; this was shown by the bow he gave them. All of this relaxed Sen and Alice enough to come closer. “I forgot you couldn’t see me while I was invisible.” Straightening up, he smiled warmly at them. “My name’s Jirachi.”

“..Jirachi.” Sen echoed as she began to recall the meaning of the name. The name seemed like she heard it in a distant memory, maybe even a dream within a dream. Hadn’t her father once talked about a wish granting pokemon from Hoenn, one of the legendary creatures? “Aren’t you from Hoenn? What are you doing here?”

Jirachi let out a lighthearted chuckle, floating to Sen so that they were nose to nose. His aurora illuminated her face.

“I came because of you, Sen. You have something of mine.”

Sen was surprise that this great pokemon knew her name but even more when he claimed she had something of his.

“How could I....?”

A light breeze blew across the open field, making the two objects that hung from the Wishmaker’s head to tickle Sen’s red cheeks. The sea green fabric made her mind flash back to the terrifying night before, back to when she found that mysterious tag teeming with a life of its own. The tag was an exact match to Jirachi’s, down to the warm sensation they gave off whenever they were touched. The shock was so great that all she could do was open and close her mouth in an attempt to speak but she remained mute. Dozens of thoughts swam inside her mind, the fact that all of them wanted to make themselves known making it difficult to distinguish one from another.

The tag, it’s the same one as Jirachi’s! How did it end up here? Did it make me like this?

Through her muddled thoughts, she managed to squeak out, “I don’t know where it is...”

Backing up, Jirachi responded with a simple, “Turn around.”

Remembering what the last easy request brought, Sen obeyed, bracing herself. The rectangular end of her tail was wrapped in the same cerulean cloth as Jirachi’s tags, sticking into her fur like glue; the tail indent was still evident. Alice also noticed how it was securely latched, a frown was placed firmly on her face.

“It’s called a Wish Tag,” Jirachi told them. He then looked away, ashamed at what he was about to confess. His head seemed to droop while the aurora around him dimmed. “About a month ago, while I was doing one of my daily rounds around Sinnoh, some humans began to attack me, chasing me for weeks. When I finally escaped, I found one of my Wish Tags was lost in the fray. I wasn’t able to locate it until now. You see, when someone makes a wish while in the possession of a Wish Tag, the wish comes true and the tag then attaches itself on the wisher’s body permanently, the tag is not able to be used for any further wishing.”

“But you can reverse it, right?” Sen asked eagerly, heart now full of delicate hope. “You can make it as though I never made the wish.”

The sympathetic expression the legend gave off shattered the hope she had accumulated only moments ago. He once again avoided her eyes, the yellow flaps of skin shielding his face.

“I can’t reverse it, I...”

“What do you mean you can’t?!”

All eyes turned to Alice whose whole body began to quake in silent anger. Her electric pouches were shooting off numerous sparks that hit the ground with a ‘crackle!’, making Sen jump back in alarm.

“It’s your fault for being chased by some humans! You were so careless as to let something so dangerous just get lost!”

A Thundershock unwillingly left Alice, directed straight towards Jirachi. Just when Sen thought he would be hit, the Psychic type waved his right arm in one fluid motion and produced a green barrier of energy. The attack harmlessly bounced back and was absorbed by the ground.

Scared that Jirachi would retaliate with an attack of his own, Sen pulled Alice (who was blinking in regret and disbelief at what she had just done) close to her. Jirachi only let a sad smile cross his face.

“I don’t blame you for being mad, I should have been more careful.”

Alive opened her mouth to rebuttal with her own apology but she was cut off with another wave.

“There is, however, a way I can reverse the spell, a place where I have enough power to do it.”

The pair of Pikachu looked at him with renewed hope.

“What is it?” Sen asked.

Jirachi turned behind him, his gaze unwavering as though he was trying to see something miles away.

“In the Pokemon League, in the Hall of Fame where all trainers and their pokemon enter once they had defeated the league, there is a statue of me. The statue is used for blessing the trainers and their pokemon after their ordeals and hardships, something so sacred that some say it’s magic.”

Though his back was turned, Sen could almost hear the grin when he said the statement.

“When I’m in contact with the statue, my powers are nearly doubled. Take the Wish Tag there and I’ll reverse the wish so that the Tag is as good as new. There, it will either be used for another wish or it’ll come back to me.”

The girl looked first at the cloth that was merged onto her tail and then at the legend, incredulity written on her face.

“But the Pokemon League is at the other half of the region, how am I suppose go all the way over there?”

Jirachi faced the human turned pokemon with a shake of his head.

“That, I don’t know. I’m unable to Teleport anybody but myself.”

A thought hit him like a bolt of lighting, making his expression turn grave. Sen felt her hope already breaking again.

“There’s another thing you must know,” he said in a low voice. “Nobody but the beings who were there when the original wish was grant and the beings who wish to use the newly restored Wish Tag for their own wish can be in the Hall of Fame. If anybody else is there, the wish cannot be reversed.”

That means.... that means Mom, Gwen.... they can’t be there to help me. Sen’s thoughts took a more depressed turn, her eyes closed to stop the tears. They wouldn’t have been able to help me, anyway, I bet they couldn’t understand me if I tried. How would I have explained all this to them?

A hand gently brushed away the tear that trickled down her cheek and when she opened her eyes, a comforting Alice was there, knowing exactly what Sen was thinking.

“I’ll go with you, Sen, you know I will.”

The legendary pokemon floated to them and took Sen’s paws in his hands. His touch was warm and kind, just like the expression on his pale face.

“Sen, I’m sorry this happened to you.”

Sen flashed him a weak smile, her next words still shaking a tad.

“It’s not your fault, Jirachi. It was just... wrong place in the wrong time.”

Jirachi smiled down at her and said, “I know you’ll make it, I can see it in you, the heart of a warrior.”

The star pokemon began to slowly rise into the air, the light around his body beginning to get brighter. The wind started to pick up around them, lifting some dust in the process.

“I know you guys can make it to the League,” he told them with an echo slowly building. “As long as you try as hard as you can, nothing can stop you!”

The dirt revolved around the pokemon like a twister and the wind was getting stronger with every passing second. The grass swayed hard to one side, its roots threatening to loose the bond it had with the Earth. Despite the small chaos that was happening, Sen and Alice still kept their eyes on Jirachi’s departing form with a paw shielding their squinting eyes. Sen had an urge to stop him from going for her mind was still brim filled with questions that she felt would be left unanswered. She knew, though that he had to go.

“I’ll be waiting!”

With a final blink of the eye, Jirachi was gone, his last words left quivering in the air. To Sen, more words were left embedded in her mind, these words not from a wish granting pokemon but from a human who she felt she might not see for a long time. This time, they told the truth.

To the beginnings of a journey

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