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Default Re: What makes a good team

Originally Posted by Chaotic_Despair View Post
Waterfall says hello.

Disregard all the info that you have been given so far as it basically sucks.

You say you need help with EV's? serebii's guide is quite good and gives you the basic's, it can be found here

As for competative battling, well as someone suggested the DP Strategy board could be of some use, but you learn the most by doing, so once you have a competative team together start battling and you'll learn rather quickly.

Smogon's forums have some good movesets for individual mons, just take a look around and go from there, good luck.
that was insulting...

first off i agree that waterfall is good for a water-type that more attack(gyrados).

yes he could start off battling people but most guys don't like playing someone new.

and as to your comment that all previous info sucked, people did have some good info. i did tell evil-rayquaza that his team was o.k. not great and that mewtwo is not allowed in most competetive battles. c-wooper did say not to use cut/rocksmash/defog/etc...