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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - A New Beginning (PG-13)

Chapter 10: Butch Rydel

As the ring of my cell-phone’s alarm clock pierced my ears, I jumped up and thought back to the last twenty-four hours. We totally owned that Team Aqua dude, and in the process, even earned some fans. Did you see those kids pointing as we checked in? Dude, the TV is gonna be so over us.

An annoying voice broke into my thoughts. “What’re YOU daydreaming about? C’mon, we’re outta here,” said Shupster. “Our journey’s just, like, beginning. I heard the first gym’s near here.”

After roughly ten minutes of packing up and all that stuff you do early in the morning, we were indeed moving outta there. After checking out, we headed towards the door but the clerk stopped us.

“Here,” said the clerk, handing Cassidy a blue pail. “Use it to water berry trees.”

Cassidy stared at her as if she was retarded. “Dude, we’re not gardeners.”

“Hey, take that,” said Shupster. “Berries are awesome. You can make PokeBlocks out of them.”

The clerk smiled. “That’s right,” she said.

“What’re PokeBlocks?”

“They’re like, berry-flavored cakes,” said Shupster, “It’s totally awesome. I’ve been dying for a yellow PokeBlock ever since I came to you, since you dweebs don’t plant berries.”

“Ok, okay FINE, I’ll take it,” snapped Cassidy. “It’s free, anyway.”

The clerk smiled sweetly again. “That’ll be $1.95.”

“What? Ripoff,” muttered Cassidy. “Fine, here.” Grabbing the pail, she stomped off to the door, and we followed.


After a bridge of trainers we had to battle, I could finally catch a glimpse of the metropolis ahead of us that Shupster called Rustboro. However, before that, something cool happened. As we defeated the last trainer, Treecko was glowing – a green, semi-transparent aura surrounded its head. Suddenly it spoke – “Treecko treeeeeeee…” Shupster translated it into, “I feel an aura of change settle. Watch, puny mortals. Muahahaha.”

And as the green aura bursted to cover the whole of Treecko, I realized the light had expanded vertically and as it melted away into the air around us, Treecko took the light’s new shape and what I saw in front of me the next second was not Treecko.

“Grovyle,” it said.

“Evolution is indeed marvelous,” said Shupster.


And then we faced the bustling metropolis ahead of us.

“Well,” said Shupster, “let’s enter Rustboro City.”

“You said there’s a gym,” said Cassidy.

“I’ve never been here. I just know.”

“Fine, let’s look for it.”

I pointed to a little house, close to the center of the city. “Let’s go there. Looks friendly enough.”

As we approached I reached for the opportunity to slam the door open. And did, and the second I did, about thirty students and a teacher stared up at us. Apparently they were still in lessons.

Dammit, why’s always me that slams the door at embarrassing moments?

The teacher looked extremely offended at such rudeness as she glanced up at our party. “And what, may I ask, was so important that you had to come in without knocking?”

She smiled, though it didn’t reach her eyes. “Maybe the girl’s havin’ a baby?”

Cassidy looked shocked. “Don’t you offend me, underage worker.”

“You have already offended me and my children. I was just making it even,” said the teacher coldly.

I glanced at Shupster and noticed that he looked like he was trying unsuccessfully to hide a laugh. In three seconds, it became clear that he wasn’t going to. Finally, he cracked up.

“You!?” said Shupster, screaming in laughter. “Dude, dudette. These are all your CHILDREN!?” I forgot about trying to stop him as I saw his point. And Shupster kept right on it:

“Dudette! Man! I mean, I can’t believe guys go for you… I mean, like, dudette! I seriously never saw someone with such bad taste. I mean, dude! Dudette! You got a ridiculous figure… and, and look at how you dress, man! I mean! Who wears PINK leggings with GREY skirts nowadays? That’s… that’s just…that’s just…that’s just UGLY, man!”

By this time both Cassidy and I were struggling not to laugh – at both what Shupster was saying and the teacher’s face, twisted and white with rage.

“That’s not true!” shouted a schoolboy indignantly. “Miss Roxanne is beautiful like a princess!”

This just made Shupster burst into another row of shrieks. “M-m-m-isssssss Roxanne. Is that what you teach your kids? To LIE!?? You guys. You guys,” he said, motioning to me. “Teaches them to LIE. About their MOTHER! GYAHAHAHHA!!”

Miss Roxanne looked fazed, but as soon as Shupster stopped laughing, regained her angriness. “You, miss,” she said fiercely, pointing a shaking finger at Cassidy, “need to educate this hooligan better,” she said as she turned and pointed at Shupster.

Shupster, ignoring the comment, looked thoughtful as he said, “But not considering her repulsive looks, she’d make a good hooker. Fiery temper, me likey.” He winked at Miss Roxanne, who looked even more shocked than Cassidy.

“You… you… utter disrespect…”

A schoolgirl raised her hand. “Miss Roxanne, what’s a hooker?”

At this even I couldn’t hold back a laugh. “This stuff’s not for you, kid.”

“Or,” said Shupster quickly, “you might consider BEING one later on in life.”

Miss Roxanne gasped. Acting on impulse, she grabbed the nearest thing she could reach to – a small cardboard box – and hurled it straight at Shupster’s face. Taken by surprise, the usually levitating puppet sailed with the box – at this point I could hear a rattling of something inside - and hit the floor. “Ow!” said Shupster.

“OUT,” yelled Miss Roxanne, motioning swiftly to the door.

“You make me,” grinned Shupster triumphantly from the floor.

Now that looked enough for Miss Roxanne, as she strode forward, grabbed both our collars, and pushed us out of the schoolhouse. As we watched, Shupster sailed out the door through the air and dropped on the floor again. He smiled wearily.

“Would’ve stayed there, but she kicked me,” he said. As I looked at him, I saw the cardboard box had followed him out the door.


“Sharp Claw,” said Shupster as he opened the box and revealed a large blue pill.


“This is a TM,” explained Shupster. “You can teach Sharp Claw, which is a move, to any Pokemon you have that is compatible with it.”

I blinked. “Compatible? And that is…”

Cassidy sighed. “I’ll tell you later. Let’s keep this until we feel like we need it, okay? From what I know now, we should be training for the gym.”
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