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Default Re: Battery Replacement v1.2

Ah, a battery! That's why I lost my save when I washed my game >w< good thing I wasn't very far that time.
Originally Posted by Ness View Post
Now regarding your game. I would be surprised if the battery was an issue. Dead/dying batteries usually affect the saved games or the clock. You could try replacing the battery but I doubt it will help . If you have an extra $2-5 hanging around for the battery and someone who is willing to fix it then it is worth a shot and if it doesn't work then your game is sadly as good as trash .
My in-game clock hasn't been working, could that mean that my battery is dying? I dunno how long I've had the game, I'm not even sure if I got it new or used, but it's prolly been long enough that it may be wearing down. (I hope not though, I kinda like the game I just started and having no clock is kinda handy- makes it harder for me to miss deadlines... although it'll prolly be a pain in the butt for some things later on.)
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