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Default Re: Fire Red/Leaf Green in English?

Originally Posted by kholdstaire

Could you guys make any BIGGER a deal about the really small things that go on in the forums? "Don't double post" here and "don't do that there". Its like Nazi Germany, wtfz. If the kid wants to post in a week old thread, let him do it. Threads aren't supposed to only last 7 days then lock. And I highly doubt the admin wants to pay for the bandwidth uppage because someone started a new thread about an old topic ._.
Becoz, in the old pe2k forum, a n00b popped up and brought up all the old threads. u no how annoying that would be, so the admins brought up this rule.

Originally Posted by kholdstaire
I never said double posting wasn't bad, I'm saying that jumping at everyone like you are a police officer is annoying. It isn't your job to point out everything that is against the rules all the time. Yes, double posting is bad, but I don't see how it is bad ALL THE TIME. Say, two posts could have two different subjects. I see nothing wrong with using one post or two, one for each subject.
yea, somehow i think it's quite ridiculous, but this is the rule of the forum, so we'll just have to stick to it since we're the members of the forum.
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