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Default Re: The Pokemon Passion

I agree with what shael says. I put in about $3,000 of my own money in the cards. After awhile, though, the game did get repetitive and less strategy based, so I started Magic. The thing with Magic is, the metagame changes ALL THE TIME, so having a good deck would require buying a whole shitload of new boosters. I just don't have that kind of financing. So I stick to free online gaming that changes for free, but still gives me options.

I'd be a little more open about playing the game, not that me playing it is a big deal, but everyone else seems to think so. If Pokemon didn't get the big hype from the younger kids, it wouldn't be "loathed" by the "cool" people and liked by the "morons", "dorks", etc. While I am no longer part of that whole fad, the game has stuck on me, but its a great game, and a great concept. I'm not gonna stop playing it just because ******** can't keep their mouths shut.
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