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Default Re: New Pokemon: Rukario (UPDATE)!

He looks more Electric/Water/Psychic to me. I think the way new info is pulling out, it may not be long before we know his real type.

Originally Posted by LuxordiAsgard
ciao belli, come va??

i pokemon fanno skifo, siete tutti bambini ancora...

ma crescete un po e piantatela...


addio, non mi farņ vedere mai piu qua
Are you typing in Italian? I used a translator and the only language I got in the most English was Italian:
hello beautiful, as it goes? the pokemon they make skifo, you are all children still... but you grow a po and plants it to you... vergognate to you goodbye, I will not make myself to see here never piu If you'd like you can go here to translate all your post:

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