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Default Re: Rawlinson: "2008 Should Be Even Bigger", Additional Dedicated Retail Displays!

How about a new RPG... With these features:

- Start out in the region where your character is from, and travel to other regions as the game progresses!
- Several characters to choose from, featuring some characters from the anime!
- All of the original regions: Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, Orre, and Sinnoh!
- Every single pokemon created is available for capture!
- Depending on which character you choose, the story progresses differently!
- While you may start out as a trainer, you can gain different occupations such as being a coordinator, ranger, breeder, professor, archaeoligist [sp?], or villain!
- As a coordinator, train your pokemon by teaching them unique contest moves! When you're ready, join a contest!
- Contests have an all new, more interactive, format! Includes battling with contest opponents, the more you've practiced with the pokemon, the better the routine will work out!
- Several new seals available for collection!
- As a ranger, be prepared to go on missions, where you may have to battle villains, and save certain pokemon by catching them.
- With ranger captures, bring the pokemon's HP down to 0, and then activate the capture stylus.
- As a breeder, you'll have to raise certain pokemon for people. Sometimes, this involves raising their level, but other times, you'll have to teach them an attack, or a contest routine, or maybe even have them breed with another pokemon to make an egg.
- As a professor, you might have to study certain pokemon, which could involve capturing one, teaching one a certain move, or breeding two pokemon together.
- As an archaeologist, there's a whole new ancient region that you have to go to, explore ancient ruins, and discover the secrets of the extinct natives that lived there with the ancient pokemon.
- As a villain, you'll have to go on missions where you may have to battle rangers, or steal pokemon, gym badges, or other items!

I'll edit with the rest later...
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