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Default Re: Rukario Revealed!

Originally Posted by Tidus24
The Psyburn doesn't exist in the game, but in Pokemon TCG exists.
As you can see in this promo card from the 1st Movie:


And Mewtwo, besides having a male voice in the movie, he's genderless, if Rukario is a legendary too, so will be a genderless too.
I see. Of course, that doesn't mean the attack Mewtwo uses in the Movie is Psyburn.

And Jirachi is Genderless, but it's reffered to as "he" in the 6th Movie, much like how Mew is reffered to as "she" by everyone. Just because they're genderless in the games doesn't make it so in the anime: if female humans didn't exist, then humans too would be considered "genderless". e.g. Latios and Latias are two different genders of the same species, which is why they have genders; other legendaries have only one variation, classing them as "genderless", however that does not mean they don't resemble a human gender in personality and the way they act (i.e. Voice, how they act towards certain people).

The point is, every Legendary can be classed as "Male" or "Female", as long as the classification follows human terms: Lucario has a male voice in human terms, making it - theoretically - male.

Not sure if anyone gets this, but eh.

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