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Default Re: Rukario Revealed!

Originally Posted by Tidus24
The attack could be Shadow Ball also. But Shadow ball is normally a black ball of energy, not pink like Mew's or blue like Mewtwo and Rukario. Your saying if Rukario has a male voice in the trailer, so he's a male, but since, it doesn't exist a female Rukario, so for that reason is considered genderless, is that your point Kamon?
Yeah, pretty much. Latios is only a male because Latias exists, for example, but even if Latias didn't exist (Making Latios genderless) people in the anime world would still class Latios as a he. After all, if Legendaries in the anime didn't have genders then what about that baby Lugia? Anime and game world are seperate.

Personally, VT, I hope Lucario isn't Ice. It's almost a fact that it's at least part Psychic, so I hope its second type (If it has one) is the type the trailer seems to point towards; Dark.

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