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Default Re: Rawlinson: "2008 Should Be Even Bigger", Additional Dedicated Retail Displays!

@Allthedarkone: It won't happen. Maybe they make a PC game for 70 bucks that has all four regions, but if it was GBA/DS quality, it wouldn't be all that great.

@AshMistyMayFan: The games are a different canon than the the anime. It's a simple fact.

What I can see:

MD II, obviously.
The third D/P - Topaz or something.
Possibly a remake of Johto. I doubt it though, as they made Colosseum / XD so that the Johto Pokemon could be obtained for 3rd/4th gen, along with the Sevii Isles and Sinnoh. Johto is pretty much covered, imo.

I doubt there's a chance of a Ranger sequel. It just seems too boring, unless there's a region to the northeast of Fiore or something with Rangers as well...

Probably a couple TCG packs and the announcement of the next movies.

And then the plushies and stuff.

So I doubt there are really any games, except the MD IIs. They just released D/P, MD, Ranger, and PBR, so there's really every console / area covered.
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