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Default Reffing Question

How much damage would Xatu inflect on a Snorlax using Aerial Ace? When I get enough answers from many refs I shall tell ya what the problem is about that I came to the court for...

Well, this can be locked now. The problem was like the following:
Me and Phoenix were having a gym battle, I challanged his gym and when I used my Snorlax he had a Xatu to counter both at full health. So he confuses me and I Subbed. Of course it is time to raise my own strength so I Cursed while he Aerial Aced and managed to break off my sub doing 25% damage ._.
Of course, I got shocked so I calculated it and I got 15% damage not 25% so we called off the match until it gets decided. And after some revision Phoenix found out that there was a mistake so we solved everything and we will re-match later...thanks for your time...laters...

*Locked* <---I just wuv doing this =P

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