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Default Re: Burn Magby Burn(Ready for Grading)

You've battled your Pokémon to be caught and now it's time to catch it. Here's the type of ending we want on all stories to be graded:
"Jack throws the Pokeball across the grassy field. It surrounds Bulbasaur and sucks it inside. The Pokeball wiggles, and wiggles..."
Leave the conclusion to be continued by the Grader. NEVER, NEVER say you caught the Pokémon in your story.If you choose, you may finish up the plot after catching (or failing to catch) the Pokémon.
Read that.

Now read what your story says:

Elekid fell to the ground besides the lying Magby, both of them unable to move. Matty threw a Pokeball at the Magby. It shook once. Twice. Thrice. Then it stopped. Matty ran over to Elekid and picked him up. Then he grabbed the Pokeball as a smile emerged on his freckled face. He had done it. He had caught a Magby! He collapsed after the thought for a rest.
You should never say that you caught the pokemon. Fix that and I'll grade this.

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