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Default Re: New Pokemon: Rukario (UPDATE)!

OK! Here what I think!!!(I'm Kind of Late)

I think the reason y they put a a pic of blaziken's pic is cuz wats her name's pokemon is gunna evolve and the pic of mew is just a reminder or sumthing. <<< at this place u can see sum pics...In one of the pics it seems like ash has become a wiz! weepie.....and there happens to be a new char in the movie....which sumthing tells me he either is a bad guy or the TRAINER of the Rukario...which is kind of impossible but we all hav rare pokemon in our little gba dont we?!

If u look closely u can see charazard blatoise etc wearing wat seems to be like sum kind of armor heres a bigger pic if u wait long enuff for it to load >

Read the basic storyline:

I'm guessing Rukario is a water and physic (cuz physic are the creators fav...)
Wats with the cosplay....
Oh look the regis seemed involved....

Ok...Looks Like a Dark\Water Type with a bit of physic.....Has there been a dark/water type?!



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