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Default Re: frdakisa02468's trade shop!!!! shinys, legends, events and more!!!!!. + mini giva

Originally Posted by flaming_roo View Post
i also got a:
lvl 57 blaziken
lvl 33 sealeo
lvl 60 torterra (nicknamed leaf)
lvl 11 eevee
lvl 22 swellow
lvl 29 ditto
srry got all those. got any events, shinys, ev trained?

Originally Posted by Legend Master View Post
I'll trade you a level 1 Adamant SHINY Riolu, legit,
with Sky Uppercut and Crunch, for your shiny Shroomish.
If Cactua doesnt accept the other trade with the shroomish yes so I'll put yu on the waitin list and I'll pm yu if anythin comes up
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