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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: School Rumble
Watched: Ep 20, ongoing fall anime
ESRP rating: Everyone to Teen (13+)
Genre: Comedy
This series is another sunrise series and is currently airing in Japan. Rumours are that the series is licensed already...or the company that's doing School Rumble is about to sue the fansubbers for subbing it and distributing it (oh noes, stay alive Wannabe!). O_O

School Rumble:
The life of an idiot. Yup it's true! :D


As you guys have known, my sig was predominantly School Rumble based. Last time it was Tenma (main character) looking cute, this time it's some other girl looking cute. XD

The graphical representation of this anime is top-notch with very little crappy animators working on this one (w00t!) I personally thought the drawings of the anime mirrored the manga fairly well, and Eri still looks cool (or hot, whichever you want).



It's about the everyday life of Tenma and the gang! Of course, we throw in her stupidity, kawaiiness, weird fetish for a boring guy, ignorance to practically everything, and a beautiful little sister who looks more like the older sister. Oh did I mention she was 3 friends of pretty much each style? Of course, delinquents and stuff are there too.



This is one of the first manga to have such a dramatic atmosphere with the characters that I have actually started to like one character whom I didn't like at the beginning (Eri). Good stuff there. :)

I also like how a good number of characters aren't as 1-D.



As a comedy it's very good, as the situations have become more unorthodox in comparison to the regular slapstick (it's slapstick in itself tho). It also tries to have other parts of the anime be actually serious (ones that feature Tenma's sister usually), which is also unheard of in comedies.



It's like I'm watching train wrecks over and over and over again! :D And by that I also mean there are *some* plot movements in almost every episode, which is pretty cool. The whole "3 episodes an episode" thing was kinda stupid funny. XD


45/50 or 9.0

A very good series and yet it still can't take on the big guns that I've rated. I should really go rate some crap some time just to round things off huh. lol

- Kenny C., like totally

to ygseto: I read a lot of manga yes, but I've slowed down on it since it's tough to find them nowadays. I don't really check anime-source that much either, but I do check out some of the individual subbers such as Yanime and Akatsuki.
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