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Default Re: Starting Coordinators: Free Berries

Originally Posted by Flightspace View Post
Two Durin and an Auguav Berry, please. I would also like to mix them.

(165 / 3) - 3 = 52 LUSTER
no blending the same berry twice.
Originally Posted by djax94 View Post
Do we buy them here? Or say we're beginner coordinators in the Berry Store?

If we get them here, I'd like 2 Durin Berries and 2 Rawst Berries. *Blend* That's worth 5k, I think.

EDIT: I worked it out, and I make it...

Green Pokeblock with Luster 44, and Attribute Smart 80, Attribute Tough 20.

Jack, can I help with the calculating of the blending? Also, do I need to have this confirmed?
Same, you can't blend the same berry in one blend. Unless you do 2 differents blocks

Originally Posted by Pokelord01 View Post
I joined too, so I'd like 1 Petaya berry, 1 Rabuta berry and 1 Pomeg berry. *blends*
Gold Pokeblock, 61 Cool 74 Smart, 40 luster(nice one!) Somebody who read the rules, actually
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