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Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Special!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Special!

Here are some screenshots of the new anime episode of the second Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games: Time Exploration Team and Darkness Exploration Team. The episode will air in Japan on September 9, 2007 (no date for the US).

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time Exploration Team and Darkness Exploration Team for the DS will be released in Japan on September 13, 2007. There is currently no US release date available.


PE2K Comment
At the Kidscreen West conference that I attended, Holly Rawlinson of Pokemon USA talked about how in Japan they did a great job in coordinating the Pokemon video games and the Pokemon TV show to help each other. That wasn't happening in the US yet in the past, so you're starting to see similar strategies applied here in the US. This is a perfect example how the TV show can help promote the video game. The show airs on the 9th, while the game releases just four days later on the 13th.

I liked the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon special episode: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this new special.


*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:

I agree with you 100%, I loved the special, I knew it was coming out in September!!!! I tried to tell the people of Wikipedia that I wasn't lying!! I can even show you the Japanese website, if you want..
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