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Default Re: Who's Considered the Best battler here?

Originally Posted by Ace123456789 View Post
Well, lately I havnt battled as much, but a while back i considered myself on level playing fields with ovi_one and dud3 (they agreed i think..). i beat roid_monkey and he beat me, i beat Shinies, i beat butterfree... but lately i havnt been as good. I'd say the top battlers on the site are dud3, roid_monkey, and ovi_one.. though I can compete with all of them... AND BTW PEOPLE, i don't think marriland is the best battler on the world. He uses some of the most OU pokemon, once he beats someone using an UU team then he'll gain my respect.
Don't put yourself down too much about lately. You battled very well against me. ^_^

Add Ace123456789 as a contender for being amongst the best.
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