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Default Re: Pokemon Colosseum Released!

My Review:

PC is a great game. It has a 3D environment, incredibly good attack animation, the ability to get old Pkmn, and (finally!) a 3D RPG.

The way you get the Pkmn is the fun part. You're rescuing them from trainers who mistreat them. You're also playing to stop the Bad Guys from conquering Orre.

The game simulates the Pkmn Centers in RS and also has the great visual reperesentations of attacks.

The Graphics have not been updated to much. They still look like Stadium 1 or 2 Graphics. The characters are blocky and not smooth. It's like they are made of many rocks glued together. The Pkmn actually look better than the People. Even the world (buildings, towns, etc.) look(s) better.

Since Pkmn is an Anime, I assumed that the game would have Anime-like Graphics. Cell-Shading would have been much better for this game, since its more visual than Stadium 1 or 2 (in the Stadium games pictures of trainers were only shown in prebattle). You see the people and think "How could they possibly live when they're made from pieces?".

I was thinking that the Cell-Shading on Zelda is bad because it doesn't fit the other games in the series. It makes up with Gamepaly and Character Expressions but could have easily be done in Traditional Imaging. Pkmn is an Anime so Cell would have looked batter.

Another thing I was expecting was that since it's Visual, the Pokeballs would fly out of the Trainer's hand and could be seen all through it's path of being thrown. What's done is first we see the animation of the Trainer throwing the Ball and then it switches instantly to them standing there and the ball is landing and opens. I kind of didn't expect that in a Game where it's common since the Trainers always throw Balls now.

There are no updated 3D Gyms and you can't view all your Pkmn at once and choose from any you want.

Overall Rating: 8/10
This is high because it's first for 3D Pkmn RPGs and is done ver well but is brought down from a 9 by the above-mentioned Cons.
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