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Default Re: Globally Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (46.01 million units sold) vs other Pokemon Game

Originally Posted by milestone1 View Post
I NEVER like classic Pokemon games because they are lame. Their gameplay, sound, and graphics are terrible compared to the modern Pokemon games.

I've heard that the 2nd generation Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games will be released in Japan next month. I am sure that they will come out in North America next year.

I want modern Pokemon games to RULE over classic ones. This is what I will do. I will make up a petition for bundling Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Generation 2 and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl with the NDS system. I will get all my friends and schoolmates to sign it. I will even email the petition to Pokemon fans to sign it in different parts of the world.

Then, I will send the petition to Nintendo. With tremendous support, I am sure that Nintendo will do the bundles for the modern Pokemon games.

WATCH Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow go down from the number 1 spot.

LO AND BEHOLD. This is what you will see.

(1) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Generation 2 (52 million units, bundled)
(2) PoKemon Diamond/Pearl (50 million units, bundled)
(3) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (46 million units, no longer a leader)

I want Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow to get knocked out forever. Ha Ha Ha......... that's too bad for the classic Pokemon games.

I know this will happen.
I dont hink Diamond and Pearl will outsell the others. I've noticed that not that many people play pokemon as much as they used to. Its quite sad actually.
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