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Default Re: Contest Chat

Originally Posted by shatteredrose View Post
How/Where do you enter a contest? Or how do you find people to be in a contest? I could not find this explained anywhere.
Originally Posted in Contest Rules
Having a Contest

To start a contest, visit the Coordinators Station. Or find other members on messenger, like AIM, YIM, or MSN. Then all participants must agree to either Standard or Advanced rules, decide on what Attribute to use, and which Rank to enter.

During Primary Judging, you must give the judge your Pokemons attribute points so he/she may score you correctly. They are not going to look for them for you.

During Secondary Judging, simply call an attack to use.

During the contest, you can be as open or as secretive as you want. Private messaging your stats and attacks to the Judge may be a better strategy than letting everyone know what you will use.

Afterward, the Judge will add up the scores and the results will be posted.
And, can someone tell me how do you calculate Luster? As in, in the Contest Rules, it is written as all Attributes add up.

But from what I know, shouldn't it be the Luster of all different Pokeblocks added up?

Someone please clarify, I would prefer experienced people to clarify, like DG/Jack, no offense. I need it asap, thankyou.
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