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Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy
Ah yes, poor Ash. I think he was too sad to speak. Think about it, being the best in the world for so long and then having that title ripped from your still beating heart...
Dude, this is Ash we're talking about. The guy who cries just because he loses half way through a common Pokemon League, or to a common Gym Leader like Brawly. -_- Someone who's been training for 4 years, and only has about 30 Pokemon in total, and hasn't even won one lousy Pokemon League. Not counting the Orange League, because Drake was only ONE person. It shouldn't even be called a league.

Ash would put his hat down to cover his eyes, and sob, Kenta (GSC Hero), or Marina (C Hero), whoever you go with, would say; "it's okay, Ash (Red)." Ash would say; "WAH!!!!!!!!!" and run off like a little baby. I can picture it all now. He has to learn how to take defeat more maturely!
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