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Default Re: [Read First] How To Identify Hacked Pokemon Guide

This one is by Drift about Zero OTs:

This thread is not regarding all Pokemon with the OT ZERO. ONLY Pokemon with the OT ZERO AND ID No. 05140.

Hello everyone,
I hope all of you know this - some of you do, some of you don't.
I, personally, found this out a matter of minutes ago, and I'm very devastated.

This is regarding the ZERO OT and ID No. They are practically everywhere, streaming over Wi-Fi, and are useless. Why? Reasons:
1) Everyone sees the 'ZERO' OT all the damn time and they're sick of it.
2) They are completely (cleverly, yet completely) HACKED.

Here is what I personally put in my own trade thread:

Originally Posted by Drift

I have one Shiny Shaymin, Shiny Rayquaza, and Shiny Darkrai
that have semi-legit qualities, but just found out the OT (ZERO)
and the ID No. 05140 - meaning they were hacked.
If you don't mind it being a ZERO OT, I will trade it to you.
Note by rust: I am not trading ZERO Pokemon. Stop PMing me.

PLEASE check your pokemon for the OT ZERO and the
ID No. 05140. If the Pokemon seems semi-legit/legit - IT IS NOT.
With these, it is certified that it is purely hacked.
I think if all trade 'shop' owners put this in their thread, maybe we can help 'round up' the P0kem0n. (I'll be calling them P0kem0n for now. If you can't read my font face, it's Pokemon, but with both o's replaced with zeroes.)
These P0kem0n can be 'round up' in multiple ways:
1) There are people who actually don't care if a P0kem0n/Pokemon is hacked or not, and they will gladly take it. Let the people who actually WANT it have it.
2) If you are so disgusted and can't wait to get rid of it - release it.

Some may be thinking 'Why post this information?':
1) Some people really REALLY loathe hacks, and will chew you out for giving them one. This will be a way to spread information to help them check if a Pokemon is hacked or not.
2) Basically reason 1 says all.

You can copy & paste my quote up there and edit it accordingly and put it in your trade shop, or you can type up your own 'speed' about the P0kem0n.

Hopefully the P0kem0n invasion will come to a slow but sure halt.

Thanks for your time,

UPDATE on July 29, 2007
Also, others have compiled a list of other hacked Pokemon OTs and ID Nos. They were dicussed and 'confirmed' on this thread, so I will put it up here so you can check for yourself.
Blacklist so far:
John: 55181
ZERO: 05140
Tumbly: 48851
Demon: 48189
Axel: 04451
Raphael: 30197

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