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Default Re: FireRed and LeafGreen Move Tutor Moves

Originally Posted by Phoenix004
I completely agree. For example: I have an Umbreon as many of you know. Obviously Umbreon on the Gameboy games can't receive the Substitute TM because you can only get it on RBY. However, Eevee and it's three stone evolutions can learn the Substitute TM because you can get them on RBY. Therefore, if you could have an Umbreon on RBY, it would definitely be able to learn Substitute. However, in the URPG you can buy any TM to use on any Pokemon which can learn that TM, but URPG Pkemon aren't bound by game boundaries, so why can't Umbreon learn it?

This is just one of the many examples supporting the idea of a FR/LG Move Tutor. I just hope you URPG Mods will agree.
I told you over IM that you had to teach Substitute to the Eevee while it was still an Eevee. I had to do that with my Porygon2. Except I had to do that with like 5 moves. It took like 5 weeks before I felt comfotable with evolving.

I agree with Jack on this issue. If you had MT's Pokemon would no way too many moves and it would be really complicated, so confusing.

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