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Default Re: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Pokemon Trainer and Deoxys!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000 View Post
... So far, the only Pokemon related playable characters confirmed are Pikachu and the Pokemon Trainer. Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, and Pichu, whom appeared in the previous Super Smash Bros. Melee, are not yet confirmed to return, so we're still awaiting word on that, and any other new Pokemon characters that might join the battle (I'm hoping for Psyduck). ...
I don't want them to add Psyduck. He's to cute and fluffy to put up with combat.

And besides, seeing Psyduck get beat up would slightly annoy me, I love that guy!

If they were going to add any pokemon to the list, I'd hope for Bulbasaur. That's a little unlikely though, because one of the pokemon that Pokemon Trainer uses is Ivysaur...
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