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Default Re: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Pokemon Trainer and Deoxys!

Originally Posted by RocketMeowth View Post
They do. He's been one ever since the N64 version of the game (the very first).

I want them to make Meowth a character. He's the second most important Pokemon character in the anime. Plus, he's Team friggin Rocket! You gotta have a character related to Team Rocket! It's like... LAW!

I just wish they would. I would love to scratch everyone to shreds with my mighty claws. Maybe even pull out a Bazooka or use a Team Rocket Flag as a weapon. Now that would kick major behind.

I could even hear his taunt being: "Me-Owth! Dats right!"


=^^= Nya
LoL, a Meowth character would be so cool. Espaically with a Bazooka, LoL, its weird they never added Meowth.

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