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Default Re: FireRed and LeafGreen Move Tutor Moves

Originally Posted by DragonMasterDan
Due to the way the URPG works, there are plenty of Pokémon that already learn far too many moves.

For example, as Mana brought up a while ago in this thread, Starmie and Snorlax can learn a whole hoarde of TMs, plus their natural movesets are quite nasty too.

If the fact that Pokémon will have too many moves after this is a problem, then why don't we start putting restrictions on the Pokémon that already have too many moves?

Why... because it doesn't make a difference.

You look at all the people who have Pokémon which have been taught every single TM available to them in the URPG. Some of the Pokémon who have been around since RBY have access to over 100 TMs, whereas the newcomers have access only to the TMs that could be attained in their own respective games.

Think about Chansey, that could learn a TON of TMs just in RBY, and because of its stats, the URPG has labelled it as one of the most powerful Pokémon a trainer could possibly own, which is why so few people have one.

So just saying that these Move Tutor moves will make the amount of moves learnable by one Pokémon too much is pointless, as some Pokémon already classify this way.

We finally got round to opening the Breeding Centre, right?

There are some Pokémon who can learn more moves via breeding than they can via the FR/LG Move Tutors, which again puzzles me as to why this idea is so heavily viewed against by certain individuals.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, I'll let you all decide, I mean, whenever he posts, what Jack says goes, so I might as well argue now rather than later.
Starmie and Snorlax can learn tons of TMs(Snorlax doesn't have a good natural movepool anyway, it's made up of most, if not all, normal type moves), but they have their own weaknesses. Starmie is easily taken out by a Snorlax, Swampert or a fast Electric type(Jolteon runs in, bam, there goes Starmie). Snorlax can easily be wiped out by a fighting type that can withstand one of Snorlax's hits(Fightings can easily 2HKO Snorlax), or basically anything that can stand physical hits. Throw a Forretress or Donphan in there and Snorlax is pretty much worthless. Of course, these Pokemon can set up, but frankly, you're not a good trainer if you allow your opponent to set up.

Chansey isn't good because it learns tons of TMs(Not like it can utilize most of it anyway... I mean, Bubblebeam, Blizzard, Egg Bomb, huh? 108 Attack and 198 Special Attack isn't's not anything at all), it's because it has good stats. Easily a 700+ HP and a 308 Special can eat all the Special Sweepers.

Originally Posted by Marth
I like the idea. Let's say, for example, Blaziken wants to learn Body Slam.
He cannot learn it as a TM. But he can learn it as a Move Tutor.
So you buy TM08 at the Pokemart and teach it as a MT.
However, I don't like the idea that every pokemon will be able to learn substitute. It's something that characterizes pokémon from the RBY series.
Maybe if we restricted MT somehow, either in the price of the TM or in the number of MT per Pokémon...
We still need Jack's aproval, and he's going to be away for a while.
Substitute should not be excluded from the MT list just because it's a RBY-exclusive TM. I mean, I don't see any point in characterizing a RBY mon, it's not like they're holy, special, or anything.

I personally feel FRLG Move Tutor moves should be added in, but like the Breeding Center, it would require money. Lots of'em. That's the only way we can properly restrict them anyway.
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