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Default Re: Globally Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (46.01 million units sold) vs other Pokemon Game

Originally Posted by Archeopterix View Post
Anyways, I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I think Yellow had as many different aspects to Red and Blue as Crystal and Emerald did to their respective duo versions.

I don't know if I agree on "as many different aspects..." in the quote above.
I think what the writer of the post about Red/Blue/Yellow having the fewest differences compared to other generations is the ratio of similiarities to differences across the three versions.

I have an edition of Tips & Tricks that talks the differences between Red/Blue and Yellow
which include the relocation of a few objects, the weak graphic upgrade, the debut of Team Rocket and the tagging-along Pikachu. These changes are not significant.
Yet, the three versions have bascially the same region, same storyline, and same obstacles. There are WAY more different elements between the duo versions and the follow-up version in other generations of the Pokemon series.

The similiarities are a lot more significant between Red/Blue and Yellow. I mean the Pokemon Yellow strategy guide covers all three versions. I know this because I have one. You can use a Red, a Blue or a Yellow guide to complete all three games.

Believe it or not. I have done some research and found out another SURPRISING similarity in the 1st generation. No other generations had this happen. I think this may not happen to any future generations. What I found was the Red/Blue in North America and Yellow in Japan were released in the SAME month and year (Sept 1998). Red/Blue in Europe and Yellow in North America also came out in the SAME month and year (Oct 1999).
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