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Default Re: how do u guys get those icons by your name

Originally Posted by Rukario the wave guiding
OMG! I want an avatar! I got one here that I want:[IMG]dudes[/IMG] I don't understand a word you plp are talking about -_-;;. Avatars! Sry. Hope I didn't sound rude there.
It looks to me as if you need a basic lession on how to use urls and post images . Don't worry, take it one slow...
How do I get a picture under my username?

On the top of the forums there is a bar. At the far left on the bar there should be a text link that says "User CP". Click on it. A menu to the left should appear. The 5th text link from the top should say "Edit Avatar". Click on it. Now you have two ways you can get a picture for this "Enter Avatar URL:" Or "Upload an Avatar From Your Computer:" If you have questions about what a URL is I am sure anyone here can tell you
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