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Default Re: EV Training / IV Breeding Center

Originally Posted by Pink Trainer View Post
Looking for...

Chansey, UT, Bold and Calm natured.

29+ IV in HP, Def, Sdef, and Satk

Also, I wish it to be female, have Natural Cure, and be nicknamed Pepto.

Thank you. Contact me at:

AIM: Chief0072
or reply here

Willing to trade legendaries and hatched egg trained pokemon.
That's impossible, unless you get lucky.

Originally Posted by Gold Groudon View Post
How do i know if anyone is actually doing the iv breeding for me
They have to PM you if they accept the job.

Originally Posted by Dragon_Master View Post
Sorry, I forgot I had to post my satisfaction
100% satisfied with Coolkid!
He EV trained my poke!
Wow, 100%? And to think I gave it a bit late... thanks anyways.
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