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Default Re: RP Announcements and Feedback

Originally Posted by Pokemon25 View Post
There are very much closed topics but here is a recommendation:Make your posts big to avoid your topic from locking.
Sorry, but big doesn't always equal good. If you have a post riddled with horrible grammar then chances are it will still get closed. Not to be rude but your post right now is pretty bad

There are alot of closed topics, but here is a recommendation: Make your posts bigger to avoid your topic from being locked.

With some RPs there is alot of illeratite RPers. I think we really need a better guide or some restrictions on RP making. From one-liners to awkward sentences it gets pretty bad. I think a group of pro-RPers. (Neo, Rust, FFK, Knightblazer ect.) should come toghether and make some rules and restrictions to RP making. I know that the mods and other members have other stuff to do though, so it might not happen.

These Pokemon are pretty dope :P
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