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Default Re: Paradox Void [SU]

Originally Posted by MegaArticuno View Post
Name: Altodo Farikin
Personality [2 lines+]:Altodo doesn't really interact that much with other people, however his family believe that that can be changed with a bit of rough guidance.
Appearance [If you have no pic, then 3 lines+]:
History [1 Paragraph]:Altodo realised his talent at Pokemon at 10 years old. Since, he has gained Pokemon friends which he shares his ups and downs with. He aspires to defeat every single trainer, no matter if he loses limbs in the process.

Species: Articuno
Nickname [Optional]:Shiner
Personality [2 lines+]:A bit cold on the outside, Shiner protects Altodo at all costs.
Other [Optional]:N/A

Species: Vaporeon
Nickname [Optional]:Zipster
Personality [2 lines+]:A bit of a mess-around type of girl, she plays until put in danger.
Other [Optional]:N/A

Species: Tyrogue
Nickname [Optional]:Dash
Personality [2 lines+]:Dash is a zippy Pokemon, able to creep behind enemies and smack them down without them knowing.
Other [Optional]:He aspires to be a Hitmontop one day.
Add more to the personality and History then you'll be accepted, Pending.
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