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Default Re: Church and State: Religious Influences in society, laws, traditions of the US

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu
Well, when Hindu people had come to the United States, they should have expected to have to embrace our culture and way of life, just like we would have to embrace theirs if we entered their country. The Hindu people have their own culture, and we have ours. But we can't be expected to break our culture just because of their presence. No one said they had to come here. That was their choice and in accepting the decision to come to this country, they accepted the decision to be a part of this country, and be a part of its culture and way of life.
That's true...except that America is built on the premise that everyone can and should be able to practice their own beliefs without another being forced onto them. It's a paradox, but it's our paradox.

I don't really care if we get Christian holidays off; no one's forcing us to go home and celebrate Easter/Lent, right? But, if they took the day at school to celebrate Good Friday instead of letting us go home, I would be up in arms.

On the Good Friday/Lent thing: Several food services offer non-meat items, not just schools. McDonald's has its nasty McFish or whatever sandwiches for a dollar every Fri all thru Lent; just another reason to hate McD.
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