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Originally Posted by bronislav84
The Fly thing IS weird, but the Surf is correct. The Surf HM is carried over from Pikachu, but the Fly HM has to be a mistake.

Now, about the WAY Pikachu learns it. First of all, you don't have to have a Yellow Pikachu to learn it. There are only three conditions to have a Surfing Pikachu: 1. You have to use a Red, Blue OR Yellow game. 2. You have to not have any Gamesharked Pkmn on your Team. I have tested this, by using an unintentional Gamesharked Pkmn. I had a a Venusaur that my friend Sharked to find and then Traded to me. (I was unaware of the issues with it back then) I raised him farly, but Stadium 2 doesn't care. As soon as I used my Dugtrio instead of the Venusaur, I got Pikachu to learn Surf. 3. This is the Challenge here. The Pikachu to learn Surf has to be sent out at least once in everyBattle (And possibly not get KOed. I'm unsure of this), which means you only have two Pkmn to fight your Battles with. I've done it once and then Cloned the Pikachu as soon as he got it. One clon is now a Surfing Raichu and the other one is still untrained. The original Red Game I did this with deleted itself, possibly because od the unintentional Gamashark on it.

Anyway, I'm alsmost 100% sure the Fly this is a Glithc, but Surf is legal on Raichu, unless you delete the move after evolving. He can naver get it back, and there is no Surfing Raichu Sprite. He looks loke the standars, Red Lapras. The Surfing Pikachu looks like the Surfing Pika Doll, which I have only seen and not obatined yet.

Wow, I wrote a lot. Sorry, but I hope I helped even a little.
Well, that should be yellow then, because otherwise at least the first battle against your rival will be without Pikachu.

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