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Default Re: Nickname Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by PhantomKat7 View Post
I name all my Pokemon so it would pretty pointless to list all the nicknames.

- First Pokemon I ever nicknamed was my Pikachu in Yellow; "Ashchu". :P

- I named a Bannete I caught to breed "Chuckie" to scare my cousin beacuse he is sacared of that doll. xD

- Funniest nicknames must have beem the two Snorlax I caught in LG, "Lord of Food" and "Mr Buffet".

- When I am not too lazy tp play my Pearl, I will catch an Eastern Shellos, raise it, and call it "Megumi". She does love Water Pokemon and she once mentioned she had a box full of Shellos (or was it Gastrodon?). Besides, it fits. xD

- Kat
Ok Here It Goes

Charizard - Incinerator
Magmar - Torch
Typhlosion - WildFlame
Magmortar - Char
Blaziken - Inferno
Groudon - Scorcher
Charmander.....Charmealion.....Charizard........Im Such A Pyro