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Default Re: Special Manaphy Giveaway at Toys "R" Us!

Originally Posted by Espeon View Post
No, you do not require the National Dex to obtain Manaphy. The Sinnoh Dex has 151 pokemon, Manaphy being 151. I transfered mine before I got the National dex.

Anyway, I think I'll take this chance if I can! 2 Manaphys are better than one. ;)
Thanks! That's great news!

Originally Posted by Shadow Lugia Knight View Post
So I'm helping my niece gathering all nearly 500 pokemon... Any one have any additional information about the event? I don't find it on toysrus or the other website. I don't suppose there's a list of which toysrus is doing this?
I just called my local Toys-R-Us store and told them that I heard about a Pokemon event on the 29th and they confirmed that they were participating in the event. I recommend just calling the Toys-R-Us nearest you and asking.