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Default Re: Chains of Dragons

The door to Leon’s study opened and the Priest smiled at the sight of Pokira with Katie and Jan in his arms and Lynx following him. “Well Pokira, looks like you adopted a family.”

“I don’t think so Leon,” Pokira smiled back as he put Katie and Jan on their feet. The three visitors bowed their heads to Leon, and knew him pretty well. Their father had visited the Keikami shrine several times and got to know Leon over the course of the past 15 years the Pride had resided in Direwood Forest.

They entered and Lynx grabbed a few extra pillows for him and his sisters.

“So Lynx, what brings you three here today? Your father need something?” Leon asked.

“No sir. I was just hoping to see if Saké would be able to play with us today.” Lynx replied, his head bobbing up and down.

Leon smiled. “Well, I’ve always heard that playing with members of the Pride was the best kind of training anyone could ask for. Of course he can.”

“I’ll go tell him you’re here then.” Pokira rose and entered into the hall.

“Some tea Lynx? Jan? Katie?”

“Please.” the three replied, big grins on their faces.

Leon poured them all a cup, and told Jan and Katie to be careful because it was hot. Lynx was the only one who spat the hot tea out, but apologized and started to clean it up.

A knock and there at the door Denisu Wamiyazen hopped on one foot, struggling to get his boot on. He already had his gloves, arm band, shirt, pants, and other boot on, his vest was in between his teeth.

“Phhorry. I phas in pheh phower.” he said with the vest still clamped between his teeth.

“Saké!” Katie and Jan shouted and pounced Denisu.

“Ack!” he exclaimed as the two girls hit him at once and pinned him to the ground. “Hi Katie. Hi Jan.”

“Saké play with us!” they encouraged. “Play with us! Play with us!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll play, but can I breathe first?” he replied and the two girls got off his chest and he managed to take a breath. He looked up and noticed Lynx.

“Hey Lynx. Figured you were here.” he said.

“Yup, pops never lets me leave these two alone.” Lynx replied with a toothy grin.

“Well common! Let’s go!” Saké started off, but ran into Pokira.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Denisu?” he asked.

“Oops!” Saké kneeled before his father. “Dad, may I please skip my training for the rest of the day and play with the Pride members?”

“Go ahead son, I’ve already okayed it.” Leon replied.

“Cool! Let’s go!” Saké ran out of the room and down the hallway, the three Pride members close on his tail.

Pokira watched them run down the hall. “You could have at least made him sweat a bit over it Leon.”

“It’s all right Pokira.” Leon replied. “It is hard to tease him like that.”

There was a loud clang of a bell that announced the next session of classes to begin. “Hmm, looks like my class is starting. I am sorry Lord Wamiyazen, but I must go.”

“You may go Pokira.” Leon replied, and Pokira left, closing the door behind him.

Leon sighed and started putting the crackers and pillows away. He kept the tea and poured himself another cup and sipped it, glad for the distraction to help clear his mind of his latest problem. Leon was standing near the center of the room and noticed something, his shadow was being cast on the door, something that normally never happened. Spinning around, Leon noticed that the crystal in the glass case was emitting more light than usual, brighter and stronger than its usual daily pulse.

“Hmmmm…. I wonder…” he said.

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