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Default Re: Chains of Dragons

Denisu Wamiyazen ran with Lynx, Jan, and Katie hot on his heels. They ran through the small town of Hano as they made way for the trees of Direwood Forest. Some merchants waved at him and at the Pride members following him. Others ignored the Demi-Humans and only waved to Saké, and then whispered about the next priest running around with vermin like those Demi-Humans. The four reached the tree-line quickly and stopped in an open spot.

“Okay, what game are we playing today?” Saké asked, catching his breath.

“Prey and Predator!” Katie asked.

“All right! I’ll be the prey!” Saké replied.

“But you’re always the prey.” Lynx acting like he was complaining.

“Because I can’t sniff out my prey like you guys do, so that makes you the best ones to hunt me down, now doesn’t it?” he replied.

“Isn’t that stereotyping?” Lynx retorted.

“Not the least.” Saké said. “Ready?”

Lynx, Katie, and Jan stood facing three different directions, their backs to Saké and their bodies crouched.

“GO!” they shouted and where gone in bursts of speed, leaving Saké standing in the middle of an open space.

“Okay, here we go. Nimble!” A purple aura surrounded his feet and he felt the spell take effect. In a dash he was off, jumping from the trunk of every tree to another. He disappeared into the forest with the Pride members as well. The game was on.

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